‚Äļ Dr. Nadja Berger

Nadja Berger, Ph.D

Current Position

Postdoctoral Researcher




Reis ES, Berger N, Wang X, Koutsogiannaki S, Doot RK, Gumas JT, Foukas PG, Resuello RR, Tuplano JV, Kukis D, Tarantal AF, Young AJ, Kajikawa T, Soulika AM, Mastellos DC, Yancopoulou D, Biglarnia AR, Huber-Lang M, Hajishengallis G, Nilsson B, Lambris JD. (2018). Safety profile after prolonged C3 inhibition. Clinical Immunology 197: 96-106.
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Berger N, Alayi TD, Resuello RR, Tuplano JV, Reis ES, Lambris JD. (2018). New Analogs of the Complement C3 Inhibitor Compstatin with Increased Solubility and Improved Pharmacokinetic Profile. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 61: 6153-6162. Additional Links: Supplement.
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